Dwight students post your reviews and opinions about any projects or software you would like to see us work with in our 6 – 10 computer technology courses and our year nine and ten technology and design courses.

Are you ahead of the ‘technology curve’? Inform us and we will explore the latest. Dwight computing will be at the forefront in online ‘whatever’ – your impute is important. Do not depend on ‘adults’ to review the latest products, or ‘path’ – be a part of our direction even a leader/pointer toward the future. Join our new site and express yourself > http://dwight-reviews.wikispaces.com/

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Dwight's Skoolaborate wiki

Year 6 > Computer Technology > MYP year 1 WIKI FOR YEAR SIX
Year 7 > Computer Technology > MPY year 2 WIKI FOR YEAR SEVEN A / SEVEN B
Year 8 > Computer Technology > MYP year 3 WIKI FOR YEAR EIGHT A / EIGHT B
Year 9 > Computer Technology > MYP year 4 WIKI FOR YEAR NINE
Year 10 > Computer Technology > MYP year 5 WIKI FOR YEAR TEN
9 (Creative Tech) WIKI FOR YEAR SEVEN A / 9 DESIGN
10 (Creative Tech) WIKI FOR YEAR SEVEN A / 10 DESIGN

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