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blog or wiki?
  • What is wiki
  • Who uses wikis
  • What are the differences in online commuication forms.
Wiki vs. Bloggin vs. IMing vs. Internet Social Networking (i.e. MySpace, Orkut), vs. chatrooms vs. MMSing and text messages of all types and sorts as well as webpages. As well there are llistservs, electronic bulletin boards, Newsgroup, as well as groups for anything imaginable

Exercise 1

A group of Dwight School seventh graders have just attended a tour of MarsupialsKangaroo_and_joeyW250.jpg, Monotremes Echidna_-_melbourne_zoo.jpg and Placentals House_mouse250W.jpg in the Outback town of **Yulara** east of Leonora-Gwalia in the Northern Territory of Australia. Because you went Downunder with your class last year you want to contribute to what the group has just written.

Would you prefer to go to a blog or a wiki on the topic? Why?

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