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It was bears afternoon.
The 89 day of school, before the first day of the horidays.
arumbannda shamalamadingdong tried to walk into his roomcGee. wolris couldn’t get very far. There a gash in his side. He tossed his school books onto a very high pile of something somewhere in the middle of the room and walked away.


it was january 26 1986 when da bears

What Leigh McGee did not know anything than just a place where he liked pie and where kentucky was
It was a home. A home for a hairy-nosed wombat.wombat2.jpg


The wombat had made a complex tunnel system in Leigh McGee’ s room.
Its burrow was in the middle of a large pile of clothes in the corner of Leigh’s room at the foot of the bed. The main tunnel from the wombat’s home followed the walls around the room. It wandered beneath the full length of the bed, behind an antique 18th century cupboard, past the overflowing clothing hamper, past the desk – then stopped. At the end of the tunnel the wombat would peek about to see that the coast was clear, then hop up to Leigh’s desk to the window. Leigh had left the window open the summer before and because it got stuck he never bothered to close it again.


Leigh’s desk had a huge pile of things on it. She should organize, there were, papers, books, toys, some baseballs, a football, basket ball and a computer that had yet to be used, as well as food, clothing, dreams and wishes. OH My!!!The only clearing in Leigh’s room was a narrow path to his bed. How to get through?


The hairy-nosed wombat liked her new home. The room was near the window. The room had purple curtains near the window. The tunnel was a dard, long tube around the room. The entrance to the small tube was so small that Leigh McGee never noticed the tube. She was from the Nullarbor Plain and had snuck onto a truck and had ended up at a truck depot on the same block as Leigh McGee’s house.


When the wombat first walked around the block she wasn’t impressed. It was a lot different than the Nullarbor Plain. She had never seen so many houses. And all so close together too. There were cats and dogs in her new neighbourhood. The wombat stayed away from them. She didn’t know whether they would be friendly toward her or not. She had watched a dog chase a cat up a tree. It wasn’t a pretty sight. She didn’t want to get involved in rough housing like that. No way.


Leigh McGee’s house was near a river that flowed into the sea, so there was plenty of exploring to do and plenty of food left by plenty of tourists. The hairy-nosed wombat had a pretty good life, except that there were no other wombats around to play with.

[9] dingo.jpg

The wombat used to go out of the open window every night and walk over to the truck depot that she had arrived at. She hoped another wombat would arrive at the truck depot like she had. She had discovered the open window a year ago when a dingo had spotted her and began to give chase. She quickly looked for a place to hide and that is when she spotted the open window to Leigh McGee’s room.


She had been hungry too. She found a lot of food in the room. There were a lot of new things to try. There was a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich next to the bed. It was strange tasting to a wombat that had never had anything more than grass and shrubs and herbs before.


There were other things to eat too. Biscuits, crackers, toast, potato chips, nuts and lollies. The wombat liked to try different foods. But usually she settled for the normal things growing in the front yard. The family hadn’t mowed their lawn for a long time so there was tall grass and the shrubs were good. And because no one in the house seemed to notice much of anything any more, they didn’t notice the partly eaten plants in the front yard. The children would play in a nearby park instead of their front yard. At least the nearby park got ‘mowed’.


One night the wombat was in the front yard chomping on a shrub when she heard a commotion. A dog was barking loudly. The wombat sat up and looked over the tall grass. Running in her direction was another wombat. The two wombats spotted each other and both ran toward the house with the dog loudly barking after them. The two wombats quickly climbed through Leigh’s open window. The visiting wombat had climbed aboard a road-train that had arrived at the nearby truck depot too.
The two wombats took up home in Leigh McGee’s room. Both wombats made their own burrows - though they shared the tunnel to the window. They explored together and no one knew that they were in Leigh’s room.


During the summer more animals arrived at the truck depot. There were marsupial moles, fat-tailed dunnarts, ring-tailed possums and a wide variety of small animals that were looking for places to live. Soon Leigh McGee’s room was more like a zoo than a child’s bedroom. It wasn’t possible to see at first glance from the doorway to Leigh’s room, all that was going on in the bedroom.


As more things were thrown into the room and the piles of clothing, books and whatever else Leigh didn’t know what to do with landed in the room, the animals inside made more and more tunnels.